Charcoal Grill Operation Method

- May 10, 2019-

The charcoal grill is easy to use, easy to operate, fully functional, and can be used for frying. The baked food tastes good and fresh, adding semi-burning charcoal during the barbecue process can save 60% of charcoal usage. It saves time and effort and saves charcoal. It is easy to install and easy to move. The internal purifier will not be easily damaged, and the exhaust pipe will be placed in the clear place for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Most of the barbecues are grilled outdoors. In order not to let the fumes drift around, the barbecue masters endure the high-temperature barbecue, while the charcoal grill has a purifier to prevent air pollution to purify part of the air. Use our fume purification grille two-group purifier to visually measure Smoke-free, the fan does not pollute the air to prevent soot from splashing on the clothes. When grilling, the charcoal should be moderate, not too much for the operation of the barbecue master. The high temperature can cause damage to the barbecue fittings. Generally, it can be controlled in the furnace tank 80%. During the barbecue process, do not put liquid and other additives that are not conducive to barbecue. Brush the cooking oil on the grid to prevent rust. After the grill is placed on the vent. The principle of charcoal grill is very simple, and the operation will be easy.