Choose A Grill That Saves Energy And Consumes Less Energy

- Jun 10, 2019-

Kitchen pollution mainly includes soot pollution, noise pollution, electromagnetic radiation and so on. Outdoor barbecue stoves with energy-saving and low-cost functions should be selected as much as possible. For example, if the range hood has three speeds of “high speed, low speed and soft speed”, the long time stew can use the soft speed file to save power and mute; whether the gas stove is pure blue fire; whether the disinfection cabinet uses concentrated energy wave disinfection, is there any Intelligent stalk disinfection function.


In addition, kitchen waste is the fastest local breeding bacteria and odor, and timely handling is especially important. In order to reduce pollution, it is best to choose a waste processor. Some small bones, seafood, egg shells, fish bones and fish heads, vegetable leaf stems, fruit cores and fruit skins, leftovers, etc. can all be washed away from the sewer by the waste processor, while dealing with sewer blockage problems.

There are many models and standards for waste processors, and families can choose different models depending on the number of people. And the waste processor has certain requirements regarding the structure of the kitchen sink and the location of the power supply, so the device needs to be consulted in advance.