Classification Of Barbecues

- May 20, 2019-

Barbecue, perhaps the most primitive way of cooking for humans, is to heat food by heating and drying the air with fuel and placing it in a relatively close position to the heat source in the hot and dry air. Generally speaking, barbecue is to cook food (mostly meat, seafood, vegetables) to edible in the fire; in modern society, because there are many ways of using fire, barbecue methods are gradually diversified, and various types of barbecue ovens, grills, barbecue sauces and so on have.

Barbecue itself has become a way of entertainment or business for many people. Whether in China or in Asia, America and Europe as a whole, barbecues are usually collective activities organized by small families, schools and some companies.

Barbecue is divided into direct and indirect barbecue. Direct baking can be divided into bright and dark fires. Indirect baking can also be divided into iron plate, stone plate, copper plate and other kinds. There are three types of charcoal suitable for barbecue in China. First, log charcoal, second, mechanism charcoal, third, industrial coke, log charcoal is also divided into fruit wood and miscellaneous wood, fruit wood is, apple, pear, hawthorn and other hard wood barbecue taste better, and miscellaneous wood including poplar, sophora, pine and other cork barbecue taste general.