Cleaning Method Of Barbecue

- May 15, 2019-

The soot purification treatment methods currently used in the smokeless purifying barbecue on the market include mechanical separation method, catalyst combustion method, activated carbon adsorption method, fabric filtration method, wet treatment method and electrostatic treatment method. In the use of the lampblack purifier, we must also pay attention to master the fume pipe cleaning technology and the fume purifier cleaning method for analysis.

1. High-pressure water jet cleaning technology should be able to be thoroughly cleaned in a short time. The cleaning rate of the fume pipe is more than 95%; the cleaning time per square meter is 2 to 3 minutes. The high-pressure water jet cleaning technology should not be able to add any cleaning agent. After cleaning, it should be able to achieve the cleaning effect without cleaning.

2. The cleaning range of high pressure water jet should be wide. Any part where the water jet can be directly injected, whether it is the inner space of the pipe and the container, or the surface of the equipment, whether it is a hard scale or a solid blockage, can be quickly removed from the bond matrix and thoroughly cleaned.

3. The pressure and flow of the water jet should be easily adjusted within the functional range, and the pressure and flow rate of the substrate that can achieve the cleaning effect without damaging the object to be cleaned shall prevail. The high-pressure water jet cleaning machine should be equipped with moving parts such as rubber tires to facilitate the push-pull movement during cleaning.