Do You Know How To Choose A Kitchen Cabinet?

- May 30, 2019-

1, plate

The cabinets must be environmentally friendly, and they are mainly reflected on the plates. The glue used for the plates is urine aldehyde resin glue. There is more than one type of sheet in the house, and the pollution will be superimposed. The solution is to reduce the formaldehyde emission of all the selected materials.

a. Edge banding material

Ordinary edge banding will age in two years, problems will occur, and the edge band will be warped after aging. Then, the hand is folded, especially brittle, and then it is broken. After that, it quickly swells and deforms, and the board is scrapped.

The better thing to do in the market is the German Ryushuang edge banding. It is specially used on the ship's edge banding. The aging period is longer and the sealing is better.

b. Cover glue

Glue is also a solidification period. It takes a long time to meet the moisture of the kitchen and may crack.

c. Edge banding equipment

Large-scale edge-sealing equipment is machine-coated, machine-sealed, and machine trimming is integrated. In the case of bad sealing equipment, the unevenness of the glue is applied, the adhesion is not enough, and the edge of the edge is particularly serious.

2, finish treatment

The finish must be well worn, and the good finish can be rubbed with a steel ball without any scratches. In the process of using the cabinet, the cabinet product has a long service life, and the general decoration of the home is used for about eight to ten years.


The hardware is known as the soul of the cabinet. If the hardware is not good, there will be iron rust cracking, cracking of the door panel, and the sound of the drawer pushing and pulling. There are three types of good hardware brands in the market:

1) is the Austrian BLM, the Chinese name is Blum, and now there are many well-known brands are using this hardware hinge;

2) It is the German Heidi poem, which is also more on the market;

3) The one that is ranked third in the world, Germany Häfele, one of the three major brands, we must look at the brand of this hardware when you buy.

Hinge process: Before screwing the screw, a plug is embedded in the hole. Then the screw is screwed in. It is tightened tighter and it will never loosen.

3, countertop


The countertop is an extremely important part of the kitchen. If the countertop is not good, it will appear: scratches, penetration, and tabletop breakage.

The countertops on the market are mostly quartz stone, and the main component of quartz stone is actually called quartz sand. The higher the quartz sand content, the higher the hardness and the higher the density, and the less likely it is to break and bleed.

2. Beam

There are two reasons why the beam breaks:

1. The bearing capacity (bending resistance) of this kind of board is relatively poor.

The countertops are placed on the cabinet panels, especially the vertical panels of the cabinet panels. If the load-bearing strength of this force plate is poor, it is often smashed, and the weight of the countertop is increased, and the force plate is bent and deformed even after a long time.

2. The details of the process are not in place. There are three aluminum beams at the bottom of the table for support. If the process is not fine, it is very likely to cause breakage.

3, the problem of adding a liner

The plane of the liner is parallel to the force plate above. The table and the lining must be 100% tight fit. If you can't do a 100% tight fit, you will still have a break.

4, opening

The opening of the countertop basin and the cooktop is a place where breakage is likely to occur. Inferior brands have countertops with pores. If you often pick up things, cracks may occur over time. The countertop must be finely polished, the hand is very smooth and does not scratch, and the corner is to be chamfered.