How Is The Half Moon Pizza Stone Coated?

- Aug 21, 2019-

Coating the half moon Pizza stones makes them easier to clean and maintain, and also extends their useful life. In addition, some coatings can also affect the baking time.


1. Brightening or deepening of a half moon Pizza stone


When choosing a half moon Pizza stone, the general color choices are bright and black. The deepened surface helps retain more heat and speeds up baking time. The brightened pizza pan reflects heat and delays the baking process.


2. Anode hardened coating treatment of half moon Pizza stone


This coating is a corrosion-resistant anodized film that does not fall off. The color after processing is dark black, with excellent thermal insulation effect, which can significantly shorten the baking time. In order to keep the anode hardened coating from being damaged, it is necessary to bake a layer of cooking oil into the oven before use. It does not have to be cleaned afterwards and can be reused to avoid stickiness.


Most pizza baking trays need to be oiled and baked in the oven for the first time in order to obtain a longer life cycle of the pizza baking tray, and also effectively prevent the bottom of the cake and the baking sheet from sticking.


Tips: When our pizza baking tray is used, it needs to be cleaned after using a lot of dirt. Try to choose a soft sponge to gently handle it. Do not use hard cleaning equipment to avoid the corrosion of acid and alkaline cleaners. Service life and performance.