How To Choose A Round Pizza Stone For Oven?

- Aug 14, 2019-

The choice of pizza baking tray is not casual. Different types of pizza baking trays are suitable for different pizza types, thus creating different cake bottoms. The pizza pan can be used not only in commercial pizza ovens, but also in other types of ovens. Once we have decided which style of pizza dough to be presented (thin, crisp, soft, scorched...), it means what type of oven and baking tray to choose.


Anyone who wants to bake a perfect pizza is carefully selected for a satisfying pizza pan. Only by knowing the different types and scope of pizza pans can you choose the pizza pan that is best for you.


The thickness of the pizza pan is directly related to the crispness of the pizza bottom. The thicker the pizza pan, the harder it is for the heat to penetrate the pan, and the longer it takes to bake the pizza. The pizza dough baked in this way will be very soft and chewy. Conversely, the heat penetrates the thin pizza pan, which will bake faster, and the pie of the pizza will be relatively crisp.


It should be noted that the thickness of the pizza pan will vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, the production equipment and the manufacturing process.