How To Use Charcoal When Grilling

- May 20, 2019-

We know that the best choice for fuel when grilling is charcoal. Try not to use chemical charcoal. The special flavor of charcoal grilled food comes from the aroma of grilled food when charcoal is hot. Therefore, choosing charcoal is the basis for enjoying delicious food. Good quality charcoal fires generally last a long time and the fire is good. 

It is best to choose the branches of charcoal. Do not use whole tubers, otherwise it will not be easy to point. At the time of ignition, 5 capsules were placed at a time for a pack of 5 seeds. When the charcoal is to be burnt to the transparent red heat, spread it flat and roast. When the surface of the charcoal has not been burnt, do not rush to bake, so it is easy to stain and blacken the food.