How To Use Gas Grill Properly?

- Jun 05, 2019-

Barbecue is not a patent for foreigners. There are many habits of barbecue in many places in China. However, for a long time in the past, the Chinese people's understanding of the barbecue still stayed in the big stove on the barbecue pit, or on the iron stove on the street selling kebabs.

This phenomenon has changed. Western and Japanese barbecues have begun to enter the homes of ordinary people. Many barbecue bars, barbecue clubs and even ballrooms named after Barbecue are beginning to appear. I believe that in the near future, various barbecue competitions and barbecue associations will be held. It will also be produced one after another. There will also be counters for gas barbecue products in the big shopping malls. The products introduced in this issue are available at the Pulsmatt member store and the Wankelong supermarket. At present, the European, American and Japanese barbecues that lead the world's barbecue trend are introduced here.


"If you want to do something good, you must first sharpen your tools." To get the most fun of the barbecue, the first task is to pick the barbecue equipment you need. Barbecue equipment, according to its role, mainly divided into three types: oven, baking utensils and fuel: there are many types and styles of ovens, and the methods of distinguishing them are various. According to the materials, there are enamel furnaces, cast iron furnaces, stainless steel furnaces, and iron sheets. Furnace (painting powder spray), brick pottery furnace and aluminum foil furnace; etc.; according to the different barbecue methods, there are charcoal stoves, steam ovens and electric stoves; according to different functions, there are banquet stoves, ordinary household grills, mini couple furnaces and so on.

There are many varieties of bakeware, but there are no more than grilled forks, shovel, clips, brushes, wire brushes (for cleaning the baking utensils), knives and baking needles, and more advanced electric flippers, hands (electric) Hair dryer and electronic igniter.

Fuel is still relatively unfamiliar to domestic users. In fact, Europeans are very selective about fuel choices, requiring both non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The current popular fuels are charcoal, briquette (a mixture of charcoal and coal, non-toxic and tasteless), high-efficiency bamboo charcoal, natural gas, etc., and these fuels are generally treated with a special degree of ignition