Ignition Preparation When Using A Grill

- May 25, 2019-

Some grills have to have a fire in the grilled food. In order to ensure the safety of the users, we are using the grill, especially when using it ourselves, we must pay special attention to safety and prepare for ignition. Specifically do the following:

1, check first: Before using the grill, check whether the gas or gas connection is tight, check the pipeline for damage, and continue to use it without any problem.

4, keep the oil basin moist: After checking the pipeline and the joint, continue to check the residual oil basin to see if there is a little water in it. If there is no need to join, keep it moist at all times. After a period of time, check and add water after drying.

3, open the valve ignition: open the gas or natural gas valve, press the correct direction knob switch ignition, after the success, let go, this is the rotary switch can adjust the firepower. If the ignition is not successful, repeat the above ignition process until it is successful. After the success, the burning plate will be completely ignited, with a light blue flame on it, which is a very thin layer at first, disappears after 60 seconds, becomes an open flame, and can be used for normal barbecue.

4. Turn off the fire and shut off the gas: After the grill is used, turn off the fire or gas and recover it.

Prepare for ignition and correct operation steps to ensure the operator's personal safety.