Precautions For Barbecue

- Feb 11, 2021-

The use of oil during outdoor grilling is very important. Don't rush to oil the meat that has just been grilled. Brush the oil after the food is heated and tightened. Brush the oil when other foods can be grilled. Don't brush too much oil. The standard is not to drip oil after brushing. Try to avoid oil dripping into the grill during roasting. Be diligent in turning over when baking to prevent burning. It is best to use long chopsticks when turning it, do not use your hands to prevent burns. When putting raw food, pay attention to a certain distance from the food that will be cooked to prevent contamination of cooked food. When placing the skewers, try to place them toward the middle of the stove, and change the position of the skewers during the roasting process to ensure that the whole skewers are cooked at the same time. Chicken wings are very suitable for barbecue, easy to cook, and the skin has a high fat content, which makes it delicious. When roasting, be careful that the big end is not easy to cook, and should be placed in a concentrated fire. The chicken is not easy to roast. It can be cut into small pieces or cooked in advance to make it delicious. Corn is not easy to roast evenly when grilled directly. It can be cooked just like chicken. Fish tongs are best used when grilling fish.