Teach You How To Use The Grill

- May 20, 2019-

Before use, please assemble the grill properly according to the assembly instructions (in fact, unfold it), do not cover the grill net, place a few small stones, pebbles, etc. at the bottom of the grill, and place the ignited carbon to ignite the carbon. After that, the air flow in the bottom is favorable, and it is easy to burn.

In the grill oven, use a lighter or a match to ignite the carbon. The area of the ignition is best chosen in the middle of the bottom of the carbon, because it is quickly ignited, and it is an open flame when ignited, it is easy to burn the hand, and the area where the fire is selected is carbon. The center of the bottom is to effectively avoid burns, and it also helps the burning point to burn in all directions.

After the carbon begins to burn a light blue open flame, let it burn for 30-60 seconds. When you see that the burning area is large, blow it out with air and put it on the prepared pebbles to let it burn. If you feel that there are fewer roasting areas and more diners, you can ignite a piece of carbon as described above. After the carbon is burned, the metal mesh of the barbecue is placed at this time, and the grilled food can be placed on the net for barbecue.

Put the food that needs to be grilled evenly in the center of the grilling net. First, try to put it evenly and make the food evenly heated. Second, it needs to be turned around. If the firepower is concentrated in the middle, you need to pull it back and forth to barbecue.