What Are The Main Uses Of Barbecue?

- May 10, 2019-

The main products: 1, galvanized mutton skewer, iron, iron, mutton skewers, steel brazing; 2, copper-plated mutton skewers, iron brazing, mutton skewers, steel brazing and other mutton string insert products . Can also be customized according to user requirements for special types of steel brazing and barbecue special steel brazing; 3, stainless steel brazing.

Stainless steel barbecue sign maintenance and precautions

Wash before use, please be sure to use the steel ball + detergent to clean and then wipe with a towel to dry, the barbecue machine in the production process, the machine lubricant gets the surface of the sign and rubbed together with other barbecue signs, resulting in the surface of the sign Oil black and black oil! Metal dirt can also be generated when sharpening. Wash more times and be healthier

Warm reminder: After the barbecue is cleaned, clean it with steel ball + detergent, and wipe it for lunch. Remember to dry it before putting it into the barbecue sign storage tube. It is dry and moisture-proof and does not breed bacteria. Clean and convenient for long-term recycling!