What Is The Type And Working Principle Of A Smokeless Oven?

- May 30, 2019-

First of all, it is a charcoal smokeless barbecue stove. It burns charcoal as a fuel and releases carbon monoxide during the combustion of charcoal. Carbon monoxide has the characteristics of colorless, odorless and smokeless.

The gas-fired smokeless grill is a liquefied gas or natural gas used as a fuel, and the heating pipe is heated by gas to achieve the purpose of baking the food. Therefore, gas combustion does not produce smoke.

The non-smoking electric oven uses electric energy to heat the heating tube and directly convert the electric energy into heat energy, so that the heat source directly acts on the baked goods.

Microwave ovens can pass through insulating materials such as glass, ceramics, and plastics, but they do not consume energy. In foods containing moisture, microwaves are not only permeable, but their energy is absorbed. The outer casing of the microwave oven is made of a metal material such as stainless steel, which can block the microwave from escaping from the furnace, so as not to affect people's health. The container for food is made of insulating material. The heart of the microwave oven is a magnetron. This magnet called a magnetron is a microwave generator that produces microwaves with a vibration frequency of 2.45 billion pulses per second. This invisible microwave can penetrate food up to 5cm deep, and the water molecules in the food move with it. The intense movement produces a lot of heat, so the food is cooked.