48 Inch Stainless Steel Fire Rings for Fire Pit, Fire Burner

48 Inch Stainless Steel Fire Rings for Fire Pit, Fire Burner

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In the fierce competition, our only way out is to continuously improve the quality of our Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet, Stainless Steel Bbq Cabinets, Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Components and services, so as to provide strong support for enhancing the core competitiveness of our company. Although our business continues to grow and develop, we always focus on helping customers solve problems. Based on this, we have also achieved our best business results. We escort your business with high-quality products and complete pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. We have the characteristics of superior quality, stable performance, simple operation, etc., which can effectively reduce production costs and improve production efficiency for customers.


The 24” Double Flame fire pit is built from solid 304 stainless steel. Even the welds are stainless! This material handles weathering and high heat much better than regular steel or 430 stainless.



Normal campfires are very smokey. The winds blows and chases everyone around the circle. You can solve that problem for you and your friends by purchasing the Double Flame 24” patio fire pit! Using our double-wall secondary combustion system, this fire pit drastically reduces the smoke around the campfire. Burning dry wood, this fire pit is virtually smokeless!


No form of cooking is as fun as campfire cooking. The problem is that a campfire has very inconsistent heat, making it difficult to craft your perfect culinary experience. With the Double Flame patio fire pit, the double-wall secondary combustion system creates a consistent burn at the top of the fire, making it much easier to grill over!


Our grilling system is designed to compliment the high heat & consistent temperature of the Double Flame 24” fire pit. Our optional grilling accessory attaches using a simple post system, which allows you to adjust the height of the grill, as well as swing it from side to side.

We continue to absorb and learn from the advanced technology of similar international products, refine 48 Inch Stainless Steel Fire Rings for Fire Pit, Fire Burner classification, optimize product functions and provide high cost-effective products to meet the different requirements of customers. May you moved by our high quality items and passionate service. We adhere to the principle of fairness, justice and reasonable competition.
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