Stainless Steel Disinfection Mesh Basket/Laboratory Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Disinfection Mesh Basket/Laboratory Wire Mesh

The stainless steel charcoal basket is a perfect tool to remove ash and keep the remaining charcoal after cooking.
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As an important manufacturer of Barbecue Charcoal Ash Tray, Large Cone Shape Fire Pit, Stainless Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets, relying on professional technical team and strong R&D force, we continue to provide customers with the best products. Over the years, our products are famous for their excellent creativity, stable quality and affordable price.Our sales outlets have been stationed in many countries and regions. We firmly believe that science and technology is the guide, quality is the foundation, and credit is the brand! We have a domestic first-class marketing team and established a global coverage of sales channels and customer relations.


The stainless steel charcoal basket is a perfect tool to remove ash and keep the remaining charcoal after cooking. Once the fire is over, simply lift the basket and dispose of the remaining ash before restocking and restarting! By increasing the flow of air to the coal, enhanced ventilation can cause fires faster and more efficiently.

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Faster than ever, it's easier to achieve high temperatures!

Make the ash at the bottom of the grill clean and painless, while retaining the remaining coal for future chefs.

Can be used with OR without the charcoal grate attached to the grill.

Stainless steel construction.

Product advantages:

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Special construction provides better airflow for faster fires

Temperature control is excellent and the temperature can be adjusted at any time during the cooking process.

It's easy to shake the ash and start cooking next time.

Easy to separate ash from available charcoal.

Product Highlights:

There are two ways to use our charcoal basket:

1. The basket contains a charcoal area for simultaneous barbecue and smoking

2. The basket holds two areas with charcoal for a larger and hotter BBQ area for grilling

Whether it's cooking for two or looking for quality grills and smoking on the go, the charcoal basket gives you two areas of cooking flexibility.

You can simply remove used charcoal and ash from the basket before each cooking. You can handle the ash in seconds and get ready for the next cooking - no hassle, no fuss.

Allows for more free airflow, faster temperatures, makes the ash easier to handle, and prepares for your next cooking in seconds, making it quick to clean.

Our Certifications:

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We have a team with strong technical strength, high professional quality and rich practical experience to provide our customers with excellent Stainless Steel Disinfection Mesh Basket/Laboratory Wire Mesh. Our products have novel structure, excellent performance and reliable quality, and are favored by customers all over the world. Over the years, our technicians have continued to research and innovate on forging machine tools, spare no effort in sales and after-sales service, and do their best to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad.
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